Tanninzie, a four piece close harmony electro-acoustic group, gigged throughout Scotland between 1971-76.  The band line-up was Fiona Campbell ( lead vocals ) , Tommy Clark ( vocals and  guitar 1975-76 ), Ken Lorimer ( vocals and guitar ), Geoff  McColm ( vocals and guitar 1971-75 ) and Mik Shaw ( vocals and electric bass ).

If you remember the halcyon days of the 70’s when there were many more folk venues (large and small) than there are today, then we hope you might just remember our modestly successful enterprise – from our gigging throughout Scotland.

If you can’t remember that far back (and the numbers who can dwindle daily) then you might just be curious enough to get a little insight into the very different world that was the burgeoning folk scene of the 1970’s

As to why we’ve created the website? Well……we’d heard through the grapevine that a few people were beginning to reminisce about that golden era when folk music had matured into an established popular musical genre and (albeit even fewer) people had occasionally asked “I wonder what happened to….. ?)

In response we thought we might try to link the two ideas: share our own recollections of a very enjoyable few years when so much was going on (or as much as we could remember of them anyway) and share some memories of our own modest part in it all.

So…. whatever your reason for reading this, we hope you enjoy your visit. Please visit regularly to check on how the website is expanding. You can e-mail us with your feedback and any contributions using the “contact”  section

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