I joined Ken and Geoff after we had been asked to sing at a friend’s birthday party.  I think we had the grand total of three songs rehearsed!! We decided to give “stardom” a shot.  We were lucky that at that time there were folk clubs in most towns and we had plenty opportunities to play.  By the time Mick had joined with his guitar, amp and CAR!!, we were playing further afield and even with full time jobs we would set off most nights for Stirling, Aberfeldy, Edinburgh, Dunoon, all great clubs.  Our regular club (and a great place to try out new songs) was Ayr at the Caledonian and then the Station Hotel.  Looking back, the organiser John Clegg did a great job.  Not only did he get really top main acts, all the “regulars” were first class too.

Sadly, Geoff was offered a job in Canada and he left in 1975.  A great friend of ours, Tommy Clark played with a local band “The Shambles” (unfortunate name) and when his partner Kenny Inglis left for university Tommy joined Tanninzie.  The upshot of this move was not only did we get a talented guitarist and singer but Kenny got us brilliant concerts in Edinburgh!!!

Although we may be a lot older now though not necessarily a lot wiser – we have unfinished business!!  STAY TUNED

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