I had left school at the time of the “Hari Krishna” walk round the assembly hall at the old school but I was however one of the poor demented sods that was in the audience. It was the birth of a music career that has now spanned 30 odd years and some dear friendships that have lasted even longer.

I was indeed the “roadie” of the band. The reason for that was that I was the only one with a car. That is what Ken’s version missed out. (Forever the diplomat). You always read about the big bands that tell the tales of thrashing up and down the motorway in a beat up Ford Transit van. Well, we did the same. We did it a bit differently though. Four folk, 2 guitars and bags etc in a very very old Fiat 600. (circa 1965). How we did that without being stopped by the police I will never know.

The band in the original line up did very well indeed and was starting to pick up some prestigious gigs all over the country. I bought a bigger vehicle and a sound system was purchased and off we went. After a few months I was asked if I would join the band as their Bass player. Who was I to say no to an opportunity like that! A guitar and amp were bought and the same day we had a rehearsal and my music career was born. It was not an easy birth by any manner. Blisters, blood, sweat and tears followed. Oh yes copious amounts of foul language. As my Dad would say “the type you only hear in the army”

Many many weeks passed and my first live gig was looming…………..

I will tell that tale another day


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