David was our founding drummer/percussionist in Tanninzie’s re-incarnation from 2008.

As a talented drummer with a very individual style, and with pronounced leanings towards lunacy in his personality, comparisons with another drummer with similar traits were frequent – and not entirely unjustified.

But never blasé or careless in his contributions to the band’s sound, David’s approach was always expressive and intuitive – he had a rare capacity to find a particularly interesting angle to bring to the percussion line in a song or tune, and to embellish the whole treatment as a result.

His other life (the full-time professional one) sadly (for us at any rate) took him off to the sunnier climes of the south of France in 2010 – where he resides contentedly (though seldom peacefully for any extended period of time) with his wife and family.

Still regularly in contact with us, David is something of an arms-length; self-appointed musical guru to the band (although we do, sometimes, actually take some heed of what he says!!)

We always look forward to his trips back to the U.K., though, and to some inspired ‘bashing of the skins’ from him at a rehearsal!

Tragically, David died at just 56.   RIP.

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